Learn From It.

Even if it's too late to write, I still will because my new header deserves a post!

It's way past my bedtime and I can not sleep. This is probably what I get after what happened early this evening. I find myself bothered because someone told me I've changed. I do not know if he meant for the better or for the worse, but with the tone of his voice, it's as if I've transformed into a monster. I haven't explained my side of the story yet, so let this post be my reply. This one's for you.

As much as I want to stay quiet about it, something is telling me to stand up and speak my mind. I can not allow this 'issue' to get bigger.

A smooth-sailing conversation, later led to an argument simply because you don't like my circle of friends. That issue isn't new to me anymore. We have talked about this a million times - over coffee, beer, or cards, and you never understood every single explanation. I am tired of tackling this issue over and over again. This will be the last, because you'll never understand anyway.

Has it ever crossed your mind that I, too, do not like your friends? You see, there are some things that we'd rather keep to ourselves because, one way or another, someone might get hurt. But since what you're doing isn't funny anymore, then let's spice it up!

I will not talk about you're friends because I have nothing against them, I simply just don't like them. Period.

Regarding my friends, they're few of the people I'd die for. Telling me to stay away from them is like telling me to stay away from my own life. Now tell me how that can be possible, please?! They were there for me when I was overjoyed, and they never left me when I was in the deepest part of my life. They make me feel so important and special, and for me who feels unloved, that is just the most wonderful thing a friend could make me feel.

I believe that they were never, and will never be, a bad influence on me. If I've done things that would might question my ethics and morals, then let me be responsible for it. No one has over-pushed me to do things I didn't want to do. My friends has always the initiative to listen to one's opinion first before anything else.

So what's with my friends that I just can't simply step out of their lives? This is because my life is too dull and boring, hence I turn to others for what's missing in mine. Isn't that great to have friends by your side when you have something to air out, when you have nothing to say, or when you do not want to talk? Their presence are enough to make me feel that I am listened to. It's as simple as that.

So where is this leading to? Hopefully, this will make you realize that my friends has nothing to do with the decision I've made, and will be making, in my life. I do what I want to do. I get what I want to have. And I know I am mature enough to be responsible of every act I will make, and have made.

I haven't changed, neither have the world.

Reality check? YOU DID.

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