I won't care anymore if some people will get affected with my posts because I don't have time to deal with pea-sized-brain people. But nonetheless, I still have to be more careful on what I will blog about. I'm still learning how to blog safely. Safely as in, not spilling too much information and/or emotions because a paragraph of entry could lead to an i'm-not-speaking-with you-anymore situation. Please, to what use did I open a blog for? As my blog description goes, "I Blog To Express, And Not To Impress". You see, there's a thin line between "blogging to express" and "blogging to impress". I'm writing this because instead of expressing what I honestly feel, I would rather hold back because I still have to think on how others' might think. Wala nalang unta ko nag-blog kung dili ra pud diay nako masulat akong ganahan masulat.

Fine, if people do not like what I'm writing here in my blog, then no one is stopping them to click the red button at the upper right corner of their browser, right? Simple, dumbass.


Okay, enough of that.

I know it's been quite sometime that I have not really updated on what's really happening with my life lately, and I bet you already know the reason why (If you're a 'wise' reader). School's been a bitch lately, and I have been too with school. And since midterms are over, then it's now time for me to "double time".

Classes are resuming on September 1, since it is our University's foundation day on the 28th, and activities are starting to boil up tomorrow. Open house. Torch parade. Hibalag (booth area). Miss Silliman. Parada Sillimaniana. Cheering competition. Whoa, same-same. Nothing new, as usual. But still, they're still something to look forward to. It's what every Sillimanian is getting excited for every August. Tss.

By the way, I died during my Physics exam this morning. And I know I'll die again when I get my testpaper back.

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