I've already booked myself a two-way flight, so I guess I'm finally going(?). This is going to be very exciting because I'll be alone - travel alone, live alone, go to places alone. Hala, can I do this?

I could still remember that, once, I had this "dream" of living in ******. Imagine the parties every night, the malls, the everything-that's-not-in-Dooms. But when I matured a bit, I think it's more than what I used to believe what ****** is all about. I think what's most important is the experience and the exposure.

I remember myself inquiring online at this prestigious school in ******, and filling up their application form for transferees. But I never had the chance to pass my form because... wala. Maybe it wasn't just for me, I thought. But if I just had the confidence and the will power, my life could have been much better. I could have learned how to be independent. My life could have been much much much more different than my messed-up life right now.

But this is it! I'm finally doing something I think is best for me. I'm finally pushing through my plans step-by-step. I'm finally going, not because I want to experience how it is like to party in ******, not because I want to go shopping, and surely not because I want to escape the fudge-up situations here in Dooms. I am going because I want to learn, I want to be exposed, and I want to experience how it is like to be independent for a few days.

I know my life won't change because of this, but this could definitely be the start.

So here's to September 6, 2008! Cheers! =)

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