There She Goes Again.

The celebration is finally over.

Let this post be a personal rant, because I still can't get over with two things!

First offs, Cheering. How dare them agree to break the tradition about the 'Squad'. Honestly, if I knew it would be that pathetic, I would have stayed at home and sleep. If it just weren't for RJ, Yana, Chino, Ricky, Kenneth, and Neel, I could've left the show and went home. It was the lamest ever! The hosts, please! It was a show, and they could have, at least, gotten people who could actually host! And not to mention the results, I honestly think that the College of Engineering and Design deserved something better than being the second runner-up only. Tss.

Second, the Miss Silliman. My God, please! What ever happened to the "Miss Silliman should be embodied by someone who has the brain and beauty"? Okay, nuf said.

React if you like. Kill me for this if you wish. I don't care because I know you'll say, "You don't know because you're not a part of the organizing committee and you have no idea how hard it's like to blah blah blah blah blah". And I'll tell you, "Back off because you don't even know how it feels like to be me, how every nanometer of pain I am feeling right now! It's not enough that you love me for who I am, you should also love me for what I'm not. So please, get a life!".

O di ba, far out.

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