Peace Men.

So I take back what I said in my previous post. I realized that I shouldn't be too affected with some people's perception about my blog, because after all, it's MY blog. I write what I feel, and what I feel like writing. My grammar may not be as perfect as their's but at least, I could swear that I write from the heart.

The previous post was some sort of a spur-of-the-moment reaction, you see. It's just that I really feel like moving, but I just can't leave this one. I can't decide what to do exactly! I want to publish my OWN site. Have my own domain, and everything. But blah! Whatever.

My trip was super fine. I really had fun, I swear to God! I learned a lot, and it's just so amazing that I rode a taxi alone, from the condo to La Salle, then from the condo to Glorietta too! See, I told you guys I can learn. Haha. =)

The convention went well, because the organizers were super amazing! And not to mention, the sponsors and the speakers too! Thank you, not just because I learned a lot from the lectures, but because I really think it's more than that. I got acquainted with some other bloggers from where ever. It's the experience and exposure, you know. =)

I'm planning to get my own domain and webspace. Kaakaams [dot] com perhaps? Wadyu think? Can anyone please help me with this?

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