Sabado Night.

Guess what? I'm here at home on a Saturday night. I don't know if it's a good thing or not because this is so unusual and so-not-me thing. Well I think this is because I still feel so beaten-up after last night. The beer-then-rhumcoke drinking spree wasn't so good for me after all!

Let me start from the "good part" of last night's happening. Wing and I went to Hayahay at around 12 in the morning. After two bottles of beer, a platter of mixed sushi and Dumaguete express, we followed Ate Liz, Kuya Aldon, and their Manila-based friend, Romel at El Camino, some sort of a pub near Hayahay.

It was my first time to literally "party" at El Camino. Usually, I'm only seen there because of a school function (like acquaintance parties etc.), or maybe because a friend dragged me there. And at those times, I'm often at the corner, drinking. I never dance nor socialize with the people at the dance floor.

I was in a bar in Makati last weekend, Club Bureau, where I was able to dance elbow-to-elbow with Anne Curtis, Tim Yap, and all other Manila's elite, who all happened to be in the bar as well. The crowd there was fantastic! It was only last night that I realized that the crowd in Club Bureau is just like 5 steps better than the party people in El Camino. For me, both crowds couldn't be leveled of course, but at least, the crowd in El Camino isn't as worst as I thought. In fairness, the attitude was impressive.

Late-night-foodtrip-after-partying is an SOP. It was about 5AM already when we left El Camino to satisfy our hunger. We went to Qiosko, and we had Arozz Balao. It's a must-try, I tell you!

Ate Liz, Kuya Aldon, and Wing dropped me here at home just right before the sun showed up.

P.S. I heard Mark Mejia is currently preparing himself for next year's American Idol. OMG. =)
P.P.S. If you don't happen to know who Mark Mejia is, he was the one who beat David Archuleta on StarSearch five years ago.
P.P.P.S. He's a Filipino. =)

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