Mommy. Lolo Dad. Lols. Manong Popoy. Kyle. Ate Kim. Tita Yeen. Uncle Vinnie. Lolo Uncle. Auntie Weena. Auntie Mila. Lola-Lola. Tita O. Nikka. Papa.

Tita Wing. Piwiw. Timon. Choi. Mar. Pusoy. Bison. Bobbyrich. Marky.

Rizza Mae. Manil. Jhoey. Mak. Jude. Koya. Porpor. Doms. Vince. Manang. Piggy Bank. Smith.

Yana. En. Gail. Bam. Drei. Chino. Jupo. RJ. Chedette. Lher. Derick.

Sir Arpee. Yuimien. Beneno. Goma. gelloXP.

Lloyd. Allen. Jude. Wing. Ate Liza. Ate Beauty. David. Panda. Wynne. Chres. Daryl. Meliza. Desiree. Hanzel. Nixx. Ricky. Elaine. Jerome. Genesis. Dee-Jay. Rose. Sinclaire. Louie.

Jai. Giowoah. Mrs. Limjoco. Jake. Mara. Klara. JM. Winsse. Isabella. Erika.

Thank you for making my birthday extra special!

...and this will be updated...

2 Response to TYs.

January 10, 2009 at 9:36 PM

Hi Kai. You and my brother both share the same month as birthdays. Belated Happy Birthday! :D

Are you the same Kai from Plurk? Haha.

winsSe v.
April 15, 2009 at 2:58 AM

hi. who do you mean winsse when you typed 'winsse' on one of yer many thank'd ppl? :/

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