MC Donalds? Fuck Donalds.

I would just like to share this. I went to McDo last week because... Duh! No need for further explanations! I just got freaking hungry! That's it! Haha. Thank you, to whoever started all these fastfood chains. Fastfood is the best, most especially when we get so hungry that we can not afford to wait any longer. =) So picture out the scene, okay? Then tell me if burning down McDonalds is not a good idea. Ack!

Girl: Good afternoon, Ma'am. Welcome to McDo. May I take your order please?
Me: (Since she was speaking in English... Hmmmm) One chicken nuggets please. Large fries. Coke float. McFlurry, oreo. Then one apple pie too.
Girl: One apple pie or two?
Me: One.
Girl: (Murmuring...) I thought you said 'two'..
Me:I said 'too', not 'two'. Ugh! Whatever.
Girl: Would you like barbeque for your sauce, Ma'am? Or sweet and sour?
Me: Barbeque.
Girl: Ay, barbeque is not available, Ma'am.
Me: Cancel the chicken nuggets. I'll have double cheeseburger instead.
Girl: Okay. What else, Ma'am?
Me:That would be all.
Girl: Ay, MacFlurry is not available Ma'am. No ice cream products available.
Me:Ok. Then cancel it.
Girl: Coke float is not also available.
Me: Large Sprite.

Fix your branch, McDonalds Dumaguete! If I were to rate you generally, I'd give your branch 4 stars out of 10. I don't even think your branch deserves a 'star'. =) O cge, 3 claps out of 10 nalang. Haha! Labo. But seriously, I hope this won't happen again next time. Okay? It's not so cool, specially when your customers are super hungry! And please, tell your ladies to wear light make-up!

And another thing, the other time I ate there, there was a whole family (extended family included!) who brought their laptop with them -- obviously went there to avail the free internet WiFi connection. They were talking to someone over the net and take note, they weren't even using headphones. The speakers were turned on so loud and it was enough for the whole McDo to hear their conversation. Hello?! People of McDo, you should've done something about it. You could've asked them to turn down the volume of their speakers just a little because they weren't the only customers around!

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Mark Xander
January 13, 2008 at 7:37 PM

I totally feel you! The only thing I can eat at McDonald's are the fries and Coke. And the usual conversation is:

Me: Fries and regular Coke please, no ice.

Cashier: Okay, sir.

(Minutes later, she hands me a glassful of Coke with ice)

Oh. My. God. All. The. Time.

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