Today Is Gonna Be The Day.

Keep on reading, Moi. Haha. My one and only reader, so far. You are the best. I have no idea how you discovered this blog. You are a genius! But as for the moment, this will be our secret, okay? You know why... =) Apir!

Today is another 'normal' day. Great! Went to school at 10 to meet up with Gail, then went to a printing shop to print the invitation cards then I went home after. Did some finishing touches with the invitation cards. Gen helped me in tying the ribbons, then Rizza came over to pick them up. Had lunch then off to school. Major class starts at 1PM but I arrived 1:30PM. Haha. I'm just so lucky my professor is considerate. Our class is suppose to end at 4PM but we were done at about 2:45PM, so I studied for my Public Speaking exam (at 4PM) instead.

A few minutes before 4, I went up to the Speech Lab and there, I found my classmates starting to answer the exam. Pakshet! I sat beside Chino, who was sitting on my place, and started to answer the exam as well. Whoa! Another brain-racking exam. I never thought it would turn out to be that hard. But it was cool. I was able to answer everything, in fairness. I'm just not sure whether I answered them correctly. =)

I went to the CC after to meet up Gail and Neel supposedly, but their class ended earlier than the scheduled time so I went home instead.

Ate snacks then went to sleep. Haha! What a very healthy thing to do. =) I just woke up now. So here I am, blogging! Woohoo!

F*ck tomorrow. We won't be having our Accounting class at 10-12 but I have my class for Stat at 9 so I still have to go to school tomorrow morning. Grrrh!

Christmas Party
Dammet! As of now, I don't have plans of going! Period. Genesis is hosting.

Australia trip
Come on, God. 1 million. Haha. =)

Gossip Girl
Can't wait till next week! I love you, tudou!

My third blog
LONELY. That's it. Lol.

My birthday

2 Response to Today Is Gonna Be The Day.

Mark Xander
January 13, 2008 at 7:42 PM

I am offended that you did not recognize me as one of your readers because I DO read you! :) I may not comment all the time but you're one of my daily reads, actually. LOL. :) Will comment more often now. (So far, there are few of us DumagueteƱos who blog)

I'm loving the header, dear. You should get paid to design blogs! :) I will be your first client for sure. And your writing is good too. A definite plus. :)

January 15, 2008 at 6:10 PM

Yehey! Hehe. Sorry Mark, I didn't know that I have readers man gud. Naks! Thanks for the kind words. Touch pud laman ko. LOL! You are one of my daily reads too. =)

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