Shameless Post.

Yeah, so I went to our Student's Night last Wednesday. I told you I'd be going. Ugh. I just hate myself for my decision swings! As a matter of fact, I suck in making decisions. I suuuucccccck! Okay, enough.

The party was held at Club El Camino. I do not know exactly what time the program started because I was late. As usual. What else is new anyway? So as soon as I arrived, I joined my classmates on their table. The 'awarding' was fun because I won myself two awards. A shameful one and the other one is for my friends. FUN FUN FUN FCUK.

And the effing statistics show that...
51% of the total votes or the majority were for Kamille Villanueva.

Me mehn, ME. I know it was just for FUN and that was the funniest crap ever. I couldn't help myself! I kept on laughing boisterously the whole time I was receiving my award. I can not imagine what were on the minds of the people (the 51%) who voted for me. What the hell were they thinking?! I don't know if they wanted me to make a fool of myself or to put me to shame or if it was just for fun - plain clean fun. No offense meant. Haha. But whatever it was, YOU GUYS made my night. Okay, go on. =)

I'll try to post more pictures from last Wednesday and Thursday (V-Day) next time. I need to copy Bam's soft copies pa. Okay? Go.

P.S. Thank YOU for sending me this last 021408.
P.P.S. Thanks to LBC, for making great things possible. Haha. :p

♥♥♥ Hang in there, terriyaki boy. ♥♥♥

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