Just a few weeks ago, a friend of a friend was shot to death after he was held-up by an unknown man. The 'hold-uper' forced to get the laptop then when the victim tried to fight back, the 'hold-uper' shot him. And take note, this happened near La Tienda, a convenience store near our house! Imagine.

Last week, a friend told me that a Paulinian was shot too, it wasn't "hold-up", it's even worse, mistaken identity daw.

And last night, a Sillimanian was victimized. The victim was in Cafe Noriter and the 'hold-uper' just went to their table and focused a gun on them secretively. The victim was forced to give the laptop to the 'hold-uper', then the suspects left quietly. The whole 'hold-up' scene was so discreet that the people sitting on the next table didn't even notice!

While there was a commotion at Cafe Noriter, another Sillimanian was stabbed with an ice pick right in front of our school's chapel, Chapel of the Evangel. The attackers forced the victim to give them his cellphone but the victim refused and tried to fight back, that's why he was stabbed twice.

OMFG. I couldn't believe how unsafe Dumaguete is nowadays. So people, be more careful this time. It isn't safe walking around alone anymore. And even if you're with your friends, be careful still. No one is exempted to be a victim!

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