Finals week means hell weak and it's next next week! Haha. The second semester seemed to be so fast. Super. Hmp. I can do this! I need the 'will power' guys. Come on, positive energy. Hmmm.

Okay. Latest 411 with me. I'm stuck with gazillion of projects, papers, exams, etc. And I have a deadline to beat! And while doing all the effing projects and papers, I need to get ready for the finals too. Haaay! Kill me. Puh-lease!

And while getting ready for my final exams, and while doing the projects and papers, I have a play to rehearse everyday until March 8. OMFG. I'm gonna die! But hey! [Free plugging] You are all invited to watch our play on March 8, I'm still not sure about the time, at the Woodward Little Theater. I think it will be FUN. No, I take that back. You're not going to enjoy it. Haha. Ah basta, I'll post pictures, promise.

Heniwee, I felt bad kanina because I think I offended one of the people in our department. I'm going to say sorry the next time I see him. I didn't mean to say such mean words in front of him. I didn't even realize that he may be offended with what I said just until Neel got my attention. How come I'm becoming a mean person lately? This is so not me.

'Nuf of school stuff! Hmmm. Summer is coming! Yeah. I'm going to *********. Haha. You guess. I'm not going to blab about that trip just yet because baka hindi matuloy. Basta, I'm kinda excited about it, but I still don't wanna think about it because I have tons of work to do! I'm really gonna die! Ack.

O sige, I have to go now. I'll update next time, and hopefully, post pictures! MY SITE IS BORING, I know. Tss!

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