To The Assh*le Who Can Not Understand English

How dare you accuse me of things which everyone knows I couldn't even do. I can not believe this. I can not believe you! If there's someone whom I least thought would do that to me, then that would be you, but I guess I'm wrong. Over the years of our 'friendship', you should've known me better than a spreading-shit-about-you girl.

I hate you for not even trying to hear my side. You jumped into conclusions right away and you had yourself carried away by a stupid news from a person you just recently met. For everything we've been through together, you expect me to scatter those kinds of crap about you? Think it over, dumb a*s. You know I'm not the kiss-and-tell type of person.

I'll stop this. Not because I'm guilty but because I realized that you're not even worthy of any explanation. And even if I explain my side, you wouldn't believe me anyway. Imagine how shallow-minded you are. So go ahead and believe every gossip you hear, I wouldn't care. Just don't ever mess with me again, and don't even think of showing your sh*tface to me ever again!

I'll never forget this, assh*le. I may forgive but I never forget. Yes, I am in rage not because of the pain you have caused me, but because you didn't think twice in believing a very very stupid news. You didn't even bother to assess everything we've been together. You didn't even bother to assess on who's credible enough, me or the person who relayed you the stupid news. And you didn't even bother to ask me if it's true or not!

Go to hell, CVL. You're lucky I didn't put your whole name, jerk!
One more wrong move and I'll make sure you'll be living in hell.
You know how furious I can be. And you know how high my pride can get.

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