On And Off.

On Summer
Summer has finally invaded Doomsville. The weather has been unbelievably hot! Lately, I just caught myself wanting to go to the beach. Haha. So not me. Summer, please go away.

My schoolfriends are meeting up tomorrow at school. They'll try to check out their grades themselves. Haha. Good luck on your Data Struc, people. Tss. Grades! OMG. I hope my Accounting grade will be just fine, because I can not afford to fail that subject. I do not want to re-take Accounting 12! I've had enough of the chapter assignments, reporting, very long and brain-racking exams, sleepless nights, of Accounting 12. I'm pretty sure that my subjects, aside from Accounting 12 though, are super fine. It's only my Accounting 12 that has been a big burden to me ever since the 2nd semester started. Fnck. =|

On @random
Haha. Everyone in the house patiently waited for the airing of my first ever TV appearance last Sunday. I kept on covering my face the whole time. I don't know. It's very awkward to see myself on TV! I didn't blab about it, because I was shy. But still, some friends saw the interview. I have no idea how they knew about it. Basta everyone just texted me and they were like: "Hey! Ur on TV!". Duh. It wasn't me. LOL.

On Fellow Bloggers
Calling on Mark Xander and Misha. Please blog again.

As of last account, Mark has withdrawn his participation in the blogging world. He has decided to end his blog "due to some unfortunate online misbehavior of anonymous stalkers and cyber-bullies". I hope everything will be okay, Mark. I hope you'll change your mind. =|

About Misha's blog, I knew from another common blogger friend that someone hacked Misha's blog. Shame on you, hacker. Tss. Anyway, if somebody knows Misha's new blog or whatever, please let me know, okay? I miss reading her exciting entries. ='(

On Family
I'm thinking of spending some time with my Pop. He knows that I do not want to, but he is still inviting me to stay with him for a few days at his place. Haha. Well at least I can spend some time with my little half-siblings. Yuck. "Older sister" effect. Whatever. I'm still thinking about it, but as of now, I really don't want to go because... I just don't. Period.

On Friends
Haha. I'll try to bond with you guys soon. You know you miss me. LOL. But seriously, I miss everyone. Can't wait to see you people!

On Lovelife
Haha. Dream on. I do not even have one. As if. Back off, I just feel like including it here. =)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Veronica Diana "Nikka" Justiniani, a.k.a "GUMSy bear".
P.P.S. Happy Birthday Alfonso Rafael "Aujay" Lomeda!
P.P.P.S. Belated Happy Birthday Manong JB Justiniani!

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