My blogger friend, Mark Xander, texted me last week and asked me if I was available the following morning. I thought it was all about the book, "City Girl Trapped in the Boondocks",I was inquiring him about. I told him I couldn't make it the next day because that week was our final exams' week, and so I asked him if he's available on some other time. To my surprise, he told me that he wants to interview me for his show "@random". OMFG. I thought he was just kidding me or something but he was serious! Haha.

So yesterday, I went to @random's set. I brought along my cousins K and K, and of course, my gayfriend, G. It was the first time me and Mark met personally, and I tell you, he is very accomodating. Super.

Studios, TVs, cameras, lights - ACK! It's my effing first time to be interviewed for a TV show. My knees were trembling as soon as I saw the 'set'. Mark told me that I'm not the only one who will be interviewed. There are three of us and the other two were older than me so maybe he will be asking me questions about "blogging as a hobby", since I'm still a student. So it's kinda like a panel interview. Thank God, I'm not alone. Haha.

Then the other guest entered the room. OMFG. I wanted to disappear at that very moment! The other guest was Sir Casocot, an English and Literature teacher from my school. It's "THE" Ian Casocot. Talk about intimidation. LOL. Imagine the coldness of my palms. I wanted to die there and then. =) The other guest can not make it daw.

The interview went quite smooth but I stuttered a million times. Wah. Forgive me! I was very nervous. And my mind was not even cooperating! I couldn't organize the things I wanted to say. Nyak! I was a mess during the whole interview. Haha. But nonetheless, I enjoyed it. It was indeed a very memorable experience - being interviewed by someone I met over the net, Mark, and interviewed together with a literary icon, Mr. Ian Casocot. Whoohoo! I am one lucky ass. =)

It will be aired on Sunday at 8 in the evening on channel 6, Filproducts. Sorry, the non-Negros people will not be able to watch it. =( Haaay!

*** Mark, thank you for being very nice and accommodating to me and to my cousins. Sorry if I had to bring the whole gang. I needed their moral support man gud. LOL. Bitaw seriously, thank you kaayo. It was very nice meeting you in person. =) Bloggers ROCK! =p ***

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