Expect More Entries From This Day On. WTF.

Unexpectedly, I'm back. My Grand-Lola, who's 88 years old now, was rushed to the hospital and we, the grandchildren, have to take care of her. Meaning, my summer adventure's schedule will be tentative as of the moment, because I understand that it's my responsibility to, at least, visit my Granny in the hospital once in a while. It's cool though, considering that I do not want to be here in Doomsville during summer season. Summer is killing me. Swear. I'll try to have fun here in Dooms nalang. TRY. My cousins are here so it's going to be FUN, hopefully. Ewan.

Anyway, I had a blast during my 11-day vacation at my Mom's hometown. Seeing my friends again was priceless, but seeing the group complete and happy made it more priceless. I wish we could do more of the 'bonding sessions' as often as possible. I miss them. ='(

I love the simple life I have whenever I'm in my Mom's hometown. People there are just too nice and kind. Everyone and everything is simple. I can go out without a single penny in my pocket, because there is nothing to spend on in the first place. I can roam around with my worn-out shorts, old shirt, and fancy slippers, without anyone criticizing my look. Imagine the laid-back life I am having there.

My friends there are the most down-to-earth people I know. We can have fun by hanging out at a friend's place and do nothing. That's how shallow we are actually. We just love the feeling of being all-together and just catching up with what's-happening-to-who. May we be sober or not, I know we all enjoy each other's company, though SOME have changed. I love them. I still do. =)

Last April 5, there were a lot of things that happened and a tons of realizations came into me. And honestly, it made me feel better now. There are things in life that we all thought we can control, but actually, we can not. Each and every person has feelings and sometimes, it's better to keep it to themselves, because expressing them could mean hurting other people. Right? And another thing I realized, EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. What's important is that we should be mature enough to understand why a certain thing happens, or at least, be brave enough to face the consequences that it may bring. Tss.

εїз SHE could've loved HIM forever... εїз

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