2 - 1.

It's kinda weird that every start of the school year, I get sick.

It started last June of 2006, I was on my second year in college but on my first year at Silliman University. I was hospitalized a few days before the first semester started due to upper respiratory track infection, dengue, AND measles. Imagine how ill I was then. Haha. And to cut the long story short, I missed the first three day of classes.

Then before the second semester of that same school year, I had trangkaso. Then the next school year, I had fever. Then on the second sem, I had very high fever due to my swollen tonsils. And guess what? This school year, [drum roll please] I got sick again! Woooh! Great. What a very nice experience to start a semester right?

My tonsils are swollen again and I have colds too - which made me skip the first day of classes. But I felt better this morning so I took a shower and got ready for school. Haha. But I changed my mind. I watched Game 3 of the NBA Play-Offs, instead of going to school for my Physics class. Okay, that's another story. Haha! But Lakers won! Woohoo!

I went to school this afternoon na. And oh, we didn't have a class in Physics daw, so it's all good!

Positive energy for a new semester! Come on. =)

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