I'm a bit excited about the Physics Olypmics this coming Sunday. Haha. I'm joining the other section because I'm kinda 'lost' in my section. I already had a talk with my teacher and she's cool about me joining the other section. As a matter of fact, she asked me if I wanted to transfer to the other section because she didn't want me to be uncomfortable in our class. I said it's too kind of her to consider that but I can't because the other section's class schedule is TTh 7AM-10AM [same teacher], and obviously, I can't wake up! Haha. And another reason why I want to join the other section's Physics Olympics is because I know everyone from that section. In short, I wont get 'lost', and hopefully, I'll have a great time. =)

By the way..

Did you know that wonderful things come in brown boxes with these specs?

Intel Core 2 Duo T5450
Intel 945 PM chipset
DVDRW multi drive
13.3" wide XGA glare TFT LCD
1.3 MP camera
ATI mobility radeon X1300 shared up to 256MB
160GB SATA mobile
Wifi ready
3 USB 2.0, Mini1394, Firewire
Mic-in, Express card slot, VGA port
Touch pad synaptics
6-cell Lithium Ion battery
Genuine MS Vista

..and you receive them when you least expect it. (-_-)

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